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Starting Jiu Jitsu can sound intimidating. I'm here to tell you that this is not the case. White belts through black belts equality is a priority here at Enzo.

I pride myself on the success of my students. Take a risk towards confidence and walk in today.

Enzo is more then just training Jiu Jitsu. The results of training produce results in school, work, home, & reltionships. Discipline starts on the mats.

My “WHY”
How Jiu Jitsu
changed my life

Difficult times lead me to Jiu Jitsu. I needed an escape. Many students of mine walk in under similar circumstances. Jiu Jitsu showed me that I was capable of being confident. As I kept training my skills grew and so did my smile. I’ve seen this same experience play out with many of my students who dedicate themselves to Jiu Jitsu. This confidence leads to an overall healthier lifestyle that has countless benefits. It’s become my mission & my calling to teach those who seek to empower themselves through training.

How I’m different

Enzo is the best Jiu Jitsu community in the RGV.

Walk in strangers walk out as friends.

I’ll make sure your training...

In a positive atmosphere

Is always motivated

Includes hard work and discipline

Grows your confidence